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Besteck-Kistl – Sharpening Knives and Scissors in 1010 Vienna

Is your knife completely dull? Your scissors are just not cutting it anymore? Here at Besteck-Kistl in Vienna’s first district we sharpen knives and scissors of all types, shapes, sizes, and serrations, and we do it following the principles of true craftsmanship.

From Kitchen Knives to Cable Pliers


Sharpening is a practice with a long tradition. Unfortunately, it has faded away in recent times, as most people opt to simply buy new knives and scissors once the old ones have become dull. Most of the time, a simple resharpening would prove to be a much more cost-efficient option. As true professionals in this field, we offer sharpening services for all types of cutting tools, including surgical scissors, leather cutting tools, pedicure instruments, hard cable pliers, and straight razors. Simply bring the dull tools to us, and let us do the rest. 

Traditional Precision Craftsmanship


To sharpen knives and scissors, one needs a trained eye, a lot of patience, as well as – naturally – the right tools for the job. Scissors in particular demand exquisite precision. Visit us at Besteck-Kistl and be amazed at how sharp knives and scissors can truly be!



Bauernmarkt 18
1010 Wien

Phone +43 1 5330135


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